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Silver Sante Study

Silver Santé Study is a European Project funded under the name Medit-Ageing within the Horizon 2020 health call to promote mental well-being in the ageing population. This project is coordinated by Gaël Chételat, Inserm, Caen and involves 11 Partners in 6 European countries: France, UK, Belgium, Germany, Spain and Switzerland.

Cognitive decline, dementia, sleep disturbances and depression, all related to psychological distress and anxiety, are significant drivers of reduced quality of life in older adults. Silver Santé Study builds on evidence that mental training including meditation and cognitive training have the potential to down-regulate these adverse factors and positively impact mental and neurological conditions including AD.

The main objectives of Silver Santé Study are to improve the understanding and early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease, gain insights on the impact of lifestyle factors, and to assess comprehensively the effects and mechanisms of action of two non-pharmacological intervention (meditation and cognitive training) on mental health and wellbeing in older people.

For this purpose, Medit-Ageing will carry out 2 clinical studies:

Study 1 SCD-WELL

is conducted in 4 centres in 4 different countries (UK, Germany, Spain and France) including behavioural measures at baseline and after the 8-week intervention in 160 patients with subjective cognitive decline (SCD).

For Study 2 AGE-WELL

– all data are collected in one centre (Caen, France).The same behavioural, multiple neuroimaging & biological measures are obtained in 30 expert older adult meditators in study 2A, & pre- and post-intervention in 150 cognitively intact older adults (>65 years) who will follow an 18 – month meditation, active control or passive control intervention in study 2B