2022 September_magazine de l’Inserm n°54_Brain health: sport is good for the brain_By Géraldine Poisnel and Francesca Felisatti

Physical activity contributes to a low BMI and low insulin levels, all of which are conducive to good brain health…

2022 June_Télérama_The real effects of Meditation_ by Gaël Chételat

2022_April_ Poor sleep, a risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease, really? by Géraldine Rauchs

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, affecting nearly one million people in France today. Much research is being done to improve prevention and delay the onset of the disease. In this context, sleep is one of the factors that is attracting a lot of interest, with data suggesting that poor sleep could be associated with a higher risk of developing the pathology. Canal Détox takes stock of the state of knowledge…

2022 March_Madame Figaro_Why do we sleep less and less well with age?_ by Géraldine Rauchs

2021_October_ Figaro Santé n°30 -« Sleep, the key to brain performance » by G. Rauchs

2021_ September_ Book entitled « Sommeil, fatigue et troubles cognitifs »_G.Rauchs…

Silver Santé Study sleep expert releases new book on sleep disorders

Silver Santé Study researcher and sleep expert, Dr Géraldine Rauchs, has coordinated a new book ‘Sommeil, Fatigue et Troubles Cognitifs’ alongside Claire Vallat-Azouvi and Philippe Azouvi, that delves deep into the effects of sleep and fatigue on cognitive deficits in various conditions.

The book addresses in details sleep disturbances and their impact on daily functioning and cognition in neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, traumatic brain injury, stroke…

Dr Rauchs has been responsible for all investigations into the impact of sleep quality on the brain and cognition in the Silver Santé Study over the last five years and has been delighted to contribute her expertise and knowledge in this field to this new book. Published by De Boeck supérieur , the book is available to purchase as an eBook or hard copy.

2021 September_PourlaScience_Liquide céphalorachidien : vingt mille lieues sous un crâne


2021 July_Le journal de la Médecine_ »How to age well physically and mentally? » By Martine Versonne

According to a study involving the University of Liege, lifestyle changes such as a mindfulness meditation or self-care program can help improve the mental health of older people with memory problems.

2021 April_Neurodiem scientific platform _Get a better understanding of the links between sleep apnea and the risk of Alzheimer’s disease

Sleep disorders are common in aging and Alzheimer’s disease. Sleep complaints are reported to affect nearly 50% of elderly subjects and up to 60% of patients in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. In recent years, there has been renewed interest in exploring sleep disorders in normal and pathological ageing…explanation by Dr Géraldine RAUCHS.

2021 February-March_Article in the Magazine « Géo Hors-Série » _La pleine conscience, anti-âge?